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My Geocaching Finds

0001 - GC18WT1 - Birdwatch 4

My very first find on my way home from Wasaga Beach. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC18WT1</a>

0002 - GC1QQZP - Butterfingers on the trail

First find on my second day Geocaching. Only found 2/5 I looked for that day. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC1QQZP</a>

0003 - GC1QPGR - Snow Valley Highlands

Right by Barrie Hill Farms. Stop in to get some fresh berries! <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC1QPGR</a>

0004 - GC2GV4A - Biking on the Oro-Medonte Rail Trail

I\'ve walked this trail many times and never knew what was hiding... :) <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC2GV4A</a>

0005 - GC2H3XW - Jogging on the Oro-Medonte Rail Trail

Another down the same stretch of the Oro-Medonte Rail Trail. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC2H3XW</a>

0006 - GC1GZVQ - Wellington Sqaure North

A quick find after work. Literally steps from work. Steve\'s first cache. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC1GZVQ</a>

0007 - GC28FC9 - Wellington Sqaure South

Another after work quickie. This one was Steve\'s first actual find. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC28FC9</a>

0008 - GC141F8 - Jumbo Bee\'s Bath Tub

Nice little stealth cache. First of 3 for the day. I had to duck under a tree and reach through a bush to avoid being seen by muggles as this was 2pm on a Saturday in a busy shopping area. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC141F8</a>

0009 - GC191D2 - Tree Hugger

Second for the day. Found in tree. Can\'t say I would choose that \"container\" (more of a pouch actually). Replaced the bag inside as it was pretty beat up. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC191D2</a>

0010 - GC3T7PB - Cache-a-rama (a dollar for your thoughts)

Another cache found in a tree. This one was at a very busy intersection and has a child proof lid. Not for those looking to avoid attention. At least the parking lot was muggle free. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC3T7PB</a>

0011 - GC36WBB - Look At Me Now

Nice easy find to start the day. This was the first of 6 for my biggest day caching to date! Easily found at the shoe tree! <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC36WBB</a>

0012 - GCR6J6 - Grandpa\'s Toy Box

A short distance off the trial, too bad I took the wrong way in. Easily found for my second of six that day. Filled with toys. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GCR6J6</a>

0013 - GC1KWWF - Ridge View

Farther off the trial than my phone indicated. I noticed the rubber band on the ground before I noticed the cache. Put the band back in the cache. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC1KWWF</a>

0014 - GC1KX43 -  Forest Giant

Could see the cache from the trial. I wonder how many people walk right by it. Pointed it out to my little one and then hoisted her up to grab it. Boy was she excited to be involved in what ever daddy is doing. Forth of six for the day. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC1KX43</a>

0015 - GC1NHKD - Mr Old Growth

Bushwhacking up a hill is not my idea of fun but the GPS said it was *only* 120M away. This was the hardest one to get to so far. The tree is huge, cache was visible as soon as I got to the tree. This was my fifth of six for the day and the last un-found cache I searched for. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC1NHKD</a>

0016 - GC1KNZ1 - At the end of Anne

Second cache I looked for but the last one I found this day. Couldnt find it in the early afternoon but loked again on our way or of the forest.Carried my little one into the bush to look. I can\'t believe I missed it the first time. Once we opened it, she had to have the purple pony toy inside. It was her biggest score of the day. We left 2 iTunes cards (1 for a game and another for an app) in return. This was the sixth and final cache of the day. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC1KNZ1</a>

0017 - GC25FNG - GolderMicro

Quick find outside of friends business. This cache was a mess, needed a new logbook and to be properly reassembled before being returned to its home. <br/>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC25FNG</a>

0018 - GC1A4Z7 - The Harley Watering Spot

Quick find while stopping for a smoke. <br>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC1A4Z7</a>

0019 - GC3K23C -  Bunker Creek Eco Park

CAme across a few kittens and some muggles who were trying to save the kittens before this land is developed into condos. <br>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC3K23C</a>

0020 - GC3JP14 -  Nine Mile Granite and Two Giant Towers

Easy find, unfortunately the cache was empty. I replaced the log book and replaced the cache. It is possible the people who were cutting the tree removed it. <br>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC3JP14</a>

0021 - GC3JP08 -  Classic Geocache Tree - Big Boss of this Area

Down the trail, across a field then up a hill, you find a very large tree. Pheasants and corn all around! <br>Cache Info: <a href=\"\" target=\"_new\">GC3JP08</a>

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